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At Whispering Woods Resort we strongly believe in the old adage "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". Therefore we consider recreation and recreational activities very seriously. No jokes!

No wonder then, day after day, guests of all age group congregate at the resort to unshackle from their tensions and experience life as it should be experienced; unadulterated fun and frolic. Rediscover the old adventurous streak within you lost somewhere along the life's timeline. Relive childhood, reminisce good old days under the shelter of clear azure sky, canopy of clouds or drizzling water.

Are you the intellectual type? Fret not! Impress your spouse or your girlfriend with a game of chess.

Want let the child in you come out and have a ball? No problem. Play snakes and ladders or paintball. Exploit our huge premises; develop your own intuitive sport. For those who like tranquillity and yet crave for some creative games then cards, carrom, table tennis, darts and billiards are some of the options.

If that doesn't excite you, then how about letting yourself drench under artificial rain? Whispering Woods Resort offers an array of recreational activities for the artistic, intellectual, crazy and yes even normal mortals.

A word of caution - you will have a tough time bidding us goodbye.