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About The Whispering Woods Resort

Rediscover holidays! Rediscover Joy!! Rediscover Life!!!

A place where sweet scented virgin air, rustic ambience and snail paced life offers instant emotional and physical nirvana. A picturesque landscape that instantly eases aches and pains, maladies synonymous with city life.

Whispering Woods Resort is known for its impeccable service, outstanding comfort and provides an array of entertainment options. While Lonavala is epitome of natural beauty boasting swirling mist, high waterfalls, cascades and pristine lakes, Whispering Woods Resort brags with its bouquet of residences such as tents and cottages, landscape gardens, manmade trails and other exciting features.

Gift yourself and your family some moments of pure pleasure, pure food and pure water without the usual headaches associated with faraway jaunts. Indulge in quick stimulating therapy; at the drop of the hat. Change your environment whenever the urge erupts. Energise on weekdays, weekends or surprise holidays. Whispering Woods Resort welcomes guests anytime, any day.

Whispering Woods Resort not only offers a quick getaway destination to individuals it also caters to a host of entities such as large groups, corporate etc. Instead of embarking on a long vacation, and that too after an eternity, why not opt for frequent short trips to Lonavala. We guarantee the same satisfying experience every time but at a fraction of the cost.

So if you are looking for an invigorating affair then Whispering Woods Resort is the destination. We will transform your dream into reality.

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